By: Alisha Sharma | May 30, 2018

Call centers in India, China, Philippines, and Malaysia cover the majority of global BPO industry. These call centers, especially in India and China, are providing exceptional service to businesses from a long time now (approximately 2 decades). So, while we always cry about the negative traits or experiences businesses have with outsourcing, there are a lot of positive lessons too!

Let’s see, what top aspects of conventional call centers are now modernized and implemented in chat support service:

1) Intelligent prediction

Traditionally, call centers realized that the retaining and training processes of customers demand a lot of investment. If we see the per-call cost, it ranges from $6 to $12. The gist of the delegation of tasks to a third-pa...

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By: Alisha Sharma | October 27, 2017

Call centers focuses on delivering the right services to the customers by resolving their queries or making the product or services available for the customers. The call centers, however, needs to measure the processes by making use of latest technology so that they can improve their customer experience and gain their loyalty by enhancing their quality of services. Rather than using complicated ways with a whole lot of manual processes and fragments of available tech data, call centers must use leveraging technologies entirely to make the system and services convenient and easy to use for the agents as well as the customers. 

In this post, we discuss about hoe the use of leveraging technology enhance customer experience. Take a look.


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By: Alisha Sharma | August 04, 2017

telemarketing call center services

If the marketing endeavors of your firm is focused on penetrating offshore target markets, then nothing beats the pivotal roles that multichannel engagement can play.  Once you have started establishing communication with target customers in offshore locations through multiple channels, it would become exponentially convenient for you to announce your arrival in any market across the globe in the most result-oriented manner.  That’s why, expert marketing veterans are asking businesses to pay a little extra attention to multichannel customer engagement.

Not only will it help you or any ambitious firm to penetrate deep inside the target markets that are full of business opportunities, but would also allow you to reduce your marketing...

By: Alisha Sharma | May 30, 2017

There is no denial to the fact that in the present day competitive market businesses are competing each other at every stage. To survive this cut-throat competition and emerge out as a leader, it is required that businesses not only focus on acquiring new customers but, also take care of their existing customer and deliver on their expectations so as to refrain them from going out to their competitors. To ensure this, it is crucial that organizations invest their time and energy on ensuring the quality of their business offering and providing their customers with top-tier customer care and support services. The question that arises is how should they do that?

One effective solution to this problem statement lies in modernizing contact center...

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By: Alisha Sharma | April 19, 2017

The role of any inbound call center is primarily to handle and manage all the customer service activities with utmost competence.  It is so true that mots solution providers of inbound customer support solution providers have adeptly been able to deliver as-expected solutions to customers, nonetheless, it just cannot be inferred that solution providers do not need to take the pragmatic actions focused on improving the quality of customer service consistently.  Experts always advise customer support solution providers to ensure that their agents have access to most competent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. It would enable them in a lot many ways so as to deliver top-tier solutions and match customer expectations wi...