By: Alisha Sharma | May 30, 2018

Call centers in India, China, Philippines, and Malaysia cover the majority of global BPO industry. These call centers, especially in India and China, are providing exceptional service to businesses from a long time now (approximately 2 decades). So, while we always cry about the negative traits or experiences businesses have with outsourcing, there are a lot of positive lessons too!

Let’s see, what top aspects of conventional call centers are now modernized and implemented in chat support service:

1) Intelligent prediction

Traditionally, call centers realized that the retaining and training processes of customers demand a lot of investment. If we see the per-call cost, it ranges from $6 to $12. The gist of the delegation of tasks to a third-party vendor is to accomplish the operational efficiency. This is why the forecasting software is of such value. This software used to set and allocate the resources to the predicted requirements, hence trimming down the operational waste.

Still, agents are only able to handle one call at a time that leads to the formation of large queues.

Now chat support learns a lot from traditional blunders call centers used to make. This service now empowers the agents to handle more than one customer at a time in the real-time. Managers can also seek whether the agents are available or not and how many issues are lined up. So, supervisors using this data can predict the demand in a much effective manner and can reschedule or shuffle the agents accordingly. Chat support costs less than $1 per session.

2) Automation

In last few years, IVR has taken a grip of call centers. IVR or interactive voice response is known to gather routine data and prioritize customer requirements before it connect them to an agent. Still, customers can get agitated while listening to the tedious instructions on the phone. As per a study, most of the customers hop from one agent to another owing to the frustration only. This can directly lead to customers leaving your business at last. Automation offers efficient ways in which customer’s issues can be resolved without any hassle.

For chat support, chatbots are utilized that are known to gather the customer information and transfer it to the chat agents. This service can also suggest relatable articles to the customers for immediate self-service. If the problem still persists, the customer is then routed to the right agent with a superior level of precision. This reduces hold time and offers the highest level of satisfaction to the customers. So, with less staff, more issues can be resolved.

3) Eased interaction

Reliable Call centers in India and China are the oldest. These call centers understand the significance of call based interactions. Now, with the advent of technology, a lot of platforms are used. This sometimes nullifies the overall customer experience wasting both customer’s and agent’s time.

Chat support understands this aspect and ensures to engage customers through one channel only. Within the application only, customers can send the files, screenshots etc. This trims the requirement to segregate the customer experience over more than one channels while providing the patron’s information to the agents that help the latter to provide first-rate service level.

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